Dena Kimball

Executive Director and Fund Advisor for Girls’ Rights, The Kendeda Fund

Dena Kimball is Executive Director of the Kendeda Fund. She has dedicated her career to driving scalable, transformational change through social activism – with more than 25 years of experience accumulated while serving in nearly every role in the non-profit world. Dena’s early career includes executive roles at several high-impact organizations. Her ability to think creatively, rally people together, and build strong teams was instrumental in transforming GirlVentures into a financially sustainable entity. She drove record levels of donor engagement at Teach For America, and supported Teach For All teams in China, India, and MENA building strategic frameworks for long-term success.

In 2012, Dena returned to her hometown of Atlanta to take on a new challenge at the Kendeda Fund. Her task was to architect a 10-year strategy for a $1B spend-out while positioning grantees for a strong future. Not only is Dena on-pace for achieving this goal, but her leadership also resulted in new giving portfolios, lean operational costs, and a total paradigm shift that transformed Kendeda from silent partner to a strong public voice advocating on behalf of grantees.

Dena currently sits on the board of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and The Temple. She was the founding board chair of RedefinED, an educational equity non-profit organization in Atlanta. She has also served on several other nonprofit boards including Fugees, the American Jewish World Service, and Global Fund for Children.

Dena holds a MA in Public Policy from Harvard and a BA in Political Science from Emory. She is a married to Josh and has two school-aged daughters. She loves to cook, dance, puzzle, go to the theater and spend time in nature!


Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: Insights from the Kendeda Fund

Posted on August 7, 2023 by David Brotherton, Dena Kimball, Anne Marie Toccket, Priscilla Enriquez, Glen Galaich

Every family foundation that has decided to sunset has a unique spend down journey. But every family foundation learns throughout that journey. The Kendeda Fund has committed to spending out the remainder of its assets and ending grantmaking operations by the end of 2023. Since their founder, Diana Blank, began her philanthropic journey nearly 30 years ago, Kendeda has worked… Read More