David Brotherton

Fund Advisor for Gun Violence Prevention and Communications, The Kendeda Fund

David Brotherton has worked with the Kendeda Fund since 2014, leading organization-wide communications and the Fund’s Gun Violence Prevention program.

David is also president of Brotherton Strategies, where he provides communications services to a diverse mix of national foundations, global NGOs, local nonprofits, and mission-driven for-profit clients. Having spent more than a quarter century working at the intersection of message, media, brand, and social change, David has extensive experience helping organizations develop and implement practical, actionable communication plans yielding meaningful, measurable results.

David has authored several studies on nonprofit communications in recent years including Communication Matters and Speaking of Change. He previously served as director of communications for the Marguerite Casey Foundation, and has worked as a Congressional speechwriter, a political reporter, and a public affairs consultant.

David earned his bachelor’s degree from Lewis & Clark College and did his masters work in journalism at the University of Oregon. He currently lives in Augusta, Georgia.


Strategic Lifespan Peer Network: Insights from the Kendeda Fund

Posted on August 7, 2023 by David Brotherton, Dena Kimball, Anne Marie Toccket, Priscilla Enriquez, Glen Galaich

Every family foundation that has decided to sunset has a unique spend down journey. But every family foundation learns throughout that journey. The Kendeda Fund has committed to spending out the remainder of its assets and ending grantmaking operations by the end of 2023. Since their founder, Diana Blank, began her philanthropic journey nearly 30 years ago, Kendeda has worked… Read More