Katie Donnelly has been with the Seattle Foundation since 2012, supporting our family philanthropic advising work, Youth Grantmaking Board and Scholarship program. She recently completed a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the University of Washington Evan’s School of Public Affairs. Katie’s research focused on helping donors communicate the impact they hope to make in their philanthropy. Her former professional experience includes five years at the Bezos Family Foundation where she managed the Bezos Scholars Program and advised their grantmaking program. She also spent time at the Aspen Institute in Colorado and supported the content programming for the annual Aspen Ideas Festival. Throughout her career, Katie’s work has centered around leadership development, particularly among youth and women.


Community Foundation Spark Session: The Role of Community in Family Philanthropy Values, Mission, and Strategy

Posted on July 22, 2015 by Elizabeth Sullivan, Jennie Zioncheck, Katie Donnelly, Kim Wright

Community foundations are trusted, professional advisors to philanthropic families and a valuable source of local knowledge and insights. This webinar will focus on how community foundations work with family donors to clarify their values and motivations, shape their philanthropic strategy and identify their philanthropic objectives – in a way that supports the community and place-based efforts… Read More