Kim Wright

Executive Director, Stolte Family Foundation

Kim Wright is the founding Executive Director of the Stolte Family Foundation (SFF), an impact-driven philanthropy in Seattle, Washington. She has advised the Stolte family throughout their earliest years of giving and helped frame the Foundation’s priorities and mission. Prior to joining SFF, she spent nearly a decade as Director of Family Philanthropy and Philanthropic Services at Seattle Foundation, where she managed a team of philanthropic advisors and served as the primary advisor for 60+ highly engaged individuals and families.  She adapted and strengthened the Foundation’s nationally recognized Giving with Goals curriculum and brought the curriculum to life by defining the Seattle Foundation’s approach for use with impact-driven philanthropists and multiple generation families.

Kim has both skillful expertise and a decade of applied methodology in helping people develop personalized giving plans that drive community impact while providing meaningful philanthropic engagement. She is often called upon to train peers across the country in the community foundation field. As a certified trainer and early adapter of 21/64 advising tools, Kim helped the 21/64 network deepen their practice to support family meetings across the country. She served on the Community Foundation’s Advancement Network Board and was on the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s inaugural Community Foundation Advisory Council.

Born and raised in Seattle, Kim has worked in the local philanthropic sector for more than twenty-three years and is known both locally and nationally for elevating and innovating the philanthropic advising field. Through her decade-long work in youth philanthropy leadership at the City of Mercer Island, Kim activated over 1000 Millennials, igniting their skills and passion for community, social justice, and environmental service. As a former Executive Director of a direct service organization and Program Officer, she brings nonprofit management experience and trusted community relationships to her work with philanthropic partners.

Kim holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees (in Sociology and Humanities) and most recently served as a board member of Bolder Giving, where she focused on expanding and advancing progressive initiatives. She is currently an active member of the board of advocates for Planned Parenthood (Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands). In her spare time, she enjoys the vibrant arts & culture scene in Seattle, walks her dog Wyatt, travels the globe, and advocates for a healthy Puget Sound.


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