Telling your story to maximize community impact

Thursday, February 13, 2014, 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM EST
90 minutes
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Who should attend

Family foundation CEOs and staff interested in social media and the use of videos, blogs, and other new meida to tell your story - and your grantees' stories.


You work hard to ensure you are maximizing community impact but do you have all the tools in your toolbox to lift up your grantees? Learn how new media tools can help you tell your grantee’s stories, deepen community connections and advocate for your cause. Have you thought about using Twitter or google hangouts but aren’t sure if it is a good use of your time? Have you been approached by a long-time grantee who has an idea to create a film dedicated to highlighting their cause – and wondering if this is a good use of your philanthropic dollars? Have you been told to have a website but not sure it is worth the bother? Are you interested in learning how to leverage the reputation of the foundation in the twittersphere to make a difference in issues you care about? Do you want to know how can you help your grantees make the most of the many new ways to connect and share their message with potential donors and supporters? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then make plans to listen in on this cutting edge webinar on new media tools for family philanthropy, sharing the stories of foundation leaders and donors engaged in each of the above approaches.

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What participants said:

The webinar was very helpful in my thinking about how to use social media tools to advance our Foundation's goals and the work of our grantees. It provided great examples and ideas to consider!


Unlike oh so many webinars relating to this topic, THIS was incredibly relevant and left me with my gears spinning and inspired to move forward with a communications strategy that integrates social media wisely. The presenters were frank, honest, and helpful!

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