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NCFP is an unbiased voice in the field, here to help you make informed decisions. Are you looking to more actively engage the next generation or your board? Undecided about how to evaluate the impact of your giving? The NCFP Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center is home to thousands of resources developed by philanthropic thought leaders to guide you on your giving journey.

Monthly family philanthropy webinars and over 250 past webinars are available to NCFP supporters.

Not sure where to start? NCFP staff members are available to point you to the right resources.

Build Community

NCFP values collaboration and knows that a strong community is critical to the success of many philanthropists. Through events and peer networks, we provide spaces that allow for frank and educational conversations.

Additionally NCFP serves as an active convener, connecting donors and those who work with them to peers facing similar challenges.


Since its inception, NCFP has been dedicated to gathering data on the family philanthropy field, about which little research has been done. Trends 2015 was groundbreaking as the first benchmark study on family philanthropy. Trends 2020, the first follow up report, highlights emerging changes in the field, tried and true practices, and shifts since 2015.

Throughout 2018, NCFP studied place-based giving and what it means to have “pride of place.” Read Pride of Place: Sustaining a Family Commitment to Geography.

As a part of its 20th anniversary celebration, NCFP conducted focus groups about the future of family family. Read about the themes that arose from the focus groups here and explore related resources in the Imagining the Future of Family Philanthropy content collection.

Empower the Establishment of Effective Policies

Rick Williams, A. Sparks, and Farhad Ebrahimi speak at the closing plenary for NCFP’s 20th Anniversary Symposium in San Francisco.

Developing functional governance and management policies can be challenging. Those policies lay the groundwork for the organization’s future success, and ensure that your board acts as stewards of the foundation’s assets. NCFP supports best practices for governance by publishing a variety of content, including the first-ever comprehensive guide to starting a family foundation.

Check out our content collection, Policy Central, for sample documents to help you develop your policies.

Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

This Content Collection includes a variety of perspectives and tools for addressing REDI issues within your organization, including a collection of customized Checklists, Quizzes, and Self-Assessment Tools for boards and staff.

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Family Dynamics

In this Content Collection, you’ll learn about the most common conflicts in family philanthropy, the creative “tactics” some boards use to perpetuate the avoidance, and how you can use simple tools to address conflict in a healthy, productive way. Also included are sample code of conduct policies and tips for planning and hosting a productive and inclusive board or family meeting.

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Collaboration and Partnership

This Content Collection includes a variety of stories of funders engaged in successful collaborations, as well as tips and tools for how to make the most of your relationships with fellow funders and grantees.

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PEAK Grantmaking

This collection, curated by PEAK Grantmaking, provides resources on driving equity, being effective grantmakers, and more.

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Family Identity and Culture

This Content Collection features resources that discuss the importance of family culture and identity and highlight experiences of family foundations.

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Values and Motivations

This Content Collection highlights webinars, blog posts, and other resources that discuss the importance of values and motivations, shares experiences of giving families, and provides sample policies and tools.

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Living the Legacy

This special Content Collection shares chapters from NCFP's popular "Living the Legacy Journal," sharing perspectives and stories of families who have explored and adopted the practice of a living legacy across generations.

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Stanford PACS Guide to Effective Philanthropy

The aim for this book is to simplify the components of effective philanthropy. The Guide has two major parts. Part One lays out a series of personal considerations that will help shape your philanthropic strategy. Part Two delves into the tactical practices of philanthropy to help you deploy your resources most effectively.

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Trust-based Philanthropy

Whether you’re a long-time practitioner or are just considering adopting this approach, we hope these resources will help you bring trust-based principles into practice.

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Participatory Grantmaking

This Content Collection features research, case studies, discussion guides, and other articles and blog posts on the practice of Participatory Grantmaking (also sometimes referred to as Community Led Grantmaking).

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Multi-faceted Giving

This content collection was curated to help answer those questions and allow your philanthropic family to better accommodate diverse systems of giving.

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Generations Together: Engaging Youth

This special collection was curated by our Engaging Youth Peer Network. We thank them for their leadership and sharing. Unless otherwise noted, all resources listed are intended to be able to be used directly with kids.

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Expenditure Responsibility

This NCFP Content Collection includes FAQs, rules and sample policies for the process of expenditure responsibility to ensure your grants to "non-charities" are for charitable purposes.

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