Building a Framework for Your Decision Making

Every giving effort needs a guiding framework to be effective. Governance—defined principles, policies, and practices— is the framework.

Trust-based Philanthropy

NCFP’s Content Partner, the Trust-based Philanthropy Project, builds and curates tools and resources to engage grantmakers around ways to embody a trust-based approach, and why it matters. Below you’ll find a selection of their specialized how-to guides and templates to use and adapt. For additional guides and resources, including recordings from past presentations, sample policies, and resources from partners in

Participatory Grantmaking

Participatory grantmaking takes listening one step further to engage community members in the decision-making process around grants. This Content Collection features research, case studies, discussion guides, and other articles and blog posts on the practice of participatory grantmaking (also sometimes referred to as "community led grantmaking").

Multi-faceted Giving

This content collection was curated to help answer those questions and allow your philanthropic family to better accommodate diverse systems of giving.

Woman planning family philanthropy

Policy Central: Sample Policies and Practices

NCFP's Policy Central includes sample policies and practices in the areas of governance, grantmaking, family dynamics, engaging the next generation, investments, management, and staffing. New samples are added frequently, and are here when you need them!

Mary Phillips at 2017 National Forum on Family Philanthropy

Stories for Engaged Learning

Stories for Engaged Learning is a collection of case studies rooted in the practical experiences of family and private foundations; the stories are designed for engaged learning.

Ginny Esposito

Best of “Ginny’s Blog”

Over the years, NCFP President Virginia Esposito has written on any and all topics related to family philanthropy, providing a vast array of wisdom and context for donors just getting started, for families moving to the critical “cousins generation,” and for those families looking to embrace the fifth (or later!) generation. Here we share a “best of” collection of Ginny’s

10 NCFP Webinar Replays Every Board Member Should Watch

NCFP’s monthly webinar series is the field of family philanthropy’s longest running webinar series and one of the most popular resources for hearing the voices and perspectives of donors, board members, and leaders in the field of family philanthropy. Held on the second Thursday of each month from 12 to 1:30 pm (Eastern), these webinars are also recorded for future