Family Philanthropy Playbook for Community Foundations

Unit 6: Diverse Donors and DEI

What are your peers and NCFP learning about working with a more diverse donor pool and helping donors understand diversity, equity, and inclusion issues?

TUNE-IN (60 minutes): Topical Call — Engaging Diverse Donors [members only]

In this January 2017 topical call, San Antonio Area Foundation and Foundation for the Carolinas kicked off a conversation on authentically engaging diverse donors (asset development with a DEI lens).

TUNE-IN (60 Minutes): Topical Call — Working with Diverse Donors and Families [members only]

In this May 2019 topical call Kelly Brown, Director of the D5 Coalition, Sharmila Rao Thakkar, expert family philanthropy consultant, and Ted Vander Roest, Executive Director of the Springfield Foundation shared their experiences in supporting diverse donors. To learn more about their work, please visit Springfield Foundation’s African American Community Family of Funds page and D5Coalition’s website and diverse voices in giving video series.

TUNE-IN (67 minutes): Involving Donors and Advisors in Racial Equity [members only]

At the 2020 workshop, staff from The Chicago Community Trust, Rose Community Foundation, and San Francisco Foundation discussed how they were inviting donors, fund advisors, and professional advisors into their evolving racial equity work.

TUNE-IN (47 minutes) Programs for LGBTQ Donors and Fundholders [fifth video down, members only]:

At the 2020 workshop, staff from the Arizona Community Foundation, The Chicago Trust, and Southwest Florida Foundation led a conversation about programs for LGBTQ donor communities.

TUNE-IN (60 minutes): Racial and Social Justice Resource Sharing

In this April 2021 topical call, staff from the Chester County Community Foundation, Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and San Francisco Foundation led a group conversation about supporting the racial and social justice learning journey for your staff, donors, or community.

TUNE-IN (60 minutes): Philanthropy Always Sounds Like Someone Else: A Portrait Report of High Net Worth Donors of Color [second video, members only]

At the 2022 workshop, Hali Lee, founder of Radiant Strategies, and Tony Macklin, NCFP Program Consultant, discussed lessons community foundations can learn from interviews with more than 100 wealthy donors of color. To learn more, download the workshop slides and the report.

TUNE-IN (75 minutes): Facing Race: Philanthropic Advising with White Donors [third video, members only]

Philanthropic advisors are increasingly being called to discuss race, inclusion, equity, and justice principles and practices with donors. Those donors are most often white and not far along in their own racial equity journeys. During the 2022 workshops, San Francisco Foundation staff led a deep-dive conversation on coaching white donors on issues of race, unconscious whiteness in philanthropic practices, and practices to better support Black, Indigenous, and people of color leaders and communities. To learn more, download the workshop slides, sample donor education program, and example Give Guides.

BORROW & ADAPT: Diverse Donors [members only]

A collection of materials shared by community foundations in San Antonio, Oregon, and other partners.

READ: Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

How do you define equity and how much emphasis do you place on advancing equity within your organization and through the grants that you make? How diverse is your board and staff, and how inclusive are you of other perspectives in your decision-making around grants, governance, and overall policy? This Content Collection for foundations of all types includes a variety of perspectives and tools for addressing REDI issues within your organization, including a collection of customized Checklists, Quizzes, and Self-Assessment Tools for boards and staff.