Policy Central: Investing, Impact Investing, and Spending Policies

Family foundation boards and their staff must develop investment and spending policies and practices that meet legal requirements and are consistent with the goals and mission of their philanthropy. The policies and checklists on this page will help any foundation board seeking to oversee and manage it’s investment strategy.

Asset Allocation Decision

Divestment Policies and Strategies

Environmental, Social Governance Guidelines

Fiduciary Roles and Responsibilities

Investment Governance Framework

Investing Questionnaire for Family Foundation Boards

Investment Committee Charters

Investment Management RFPs

Investment Policy Statements

Investment Policies Statements with a Focus on Impact Investing

Impact Investing Strategies (including mission investing and socially responsible investing)

Program Related Investing (PRIs)

Shareholder Activity Guidelines

Spending Policies (see also, "Investment Policy" above)

Staffing Roles and Responsibilities