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Section 1: Resource 1


Personal values are deeply rooted in our early childhood and often recalled as a lasting memory. These values instilled in childhood translate directly into philan- thropy, how a family business operates, and how we live our lives. Here you will find both checklists of questions to ask when identifying your family's shared values, as well as sample family foundation values statements.

For a wide variety of additional resources on values in family philanthropy, current NCFP Friends are invited to login to NCFP's Family Philanthropy Online Knowledge Center.

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10 questions to help start the values conversation The way to fulfillment in philanthropy—and by and large as a family—is the degree to which you are driven by purpose and shared values. In other words, why you give matters just as much, if not more, than what you give.
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5 questions to help you align your giving values and practices Five questions for family foundation donors and boards that are seeking to align values and practice, priorities and impact.
Tune-in (60 minutes)
Sharing values across generations NCFP President Ginny Esposito provides tips for starting a conversation around shared values, asking the key questions, articulate your family’s values, apply those values to your vision and mission, and passing them on to your family’s next generation.
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Family mission statements: Building a solid foundation for your family What are family mission statements and how do they differ from family foundation mission statements? How do families create these statements and what is a good process for creating one?
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Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Mission and Values When Charles and Lynn Schusterman began their philanthropic journey in 1987, they gave powerful expression to five core values that filled the home they built together and that continue to define their family foundation's philanthropic agenda 30 years later.
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5 Pillars Of Giving – Murphy Family Foundation Core values of the Murphy Family Foundation, including focus, community, proactivity, volunteerism, and stewardship.
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The Russell Family Foundation’s Values Statement

Our Values

We value families as unique communities of individuals.
We value integrity in an environment of mutual trust and respect.
We value honest and constructive communications.
We believe in life-long learning.
We accept our responsibilities as humble stewards.
We value courage in our programs and we are satisfied with quiet impact.


Investing resources and relationships in grassroots leaders, environmental sustainability, and peace.

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Core Values of the Bainum Family Foundation Core values of the Bainum Family Foundation, including continuous learning, integrity, collaboration, and commitment.