Jennifer Touchet

Vice President of Personal & Family Philanthropy, Greater Houston Community Foundation

Jennifer Touchet is the Vice President of Personal & Family Philanthropy at the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Since 2013, she has led the Next Gen Donor Institute and Alumni Network for 25–40 year old emerging philanthropic leaders. Most recently, the foundation’s Center for Family Philanthropy began donor initiatives that include youth. She specializes in multi-generational giving, family dynamics and is part of 21/64’s trainer network. Additionally, she stewards a portfolio of families who are part of the Center.

Jennifer serves on the advisory committee of NCFP’s Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network. She is a graduate of Duke and UPenn, holds a Master’s in Oral History, and brings 20+ years of experience in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors.


Community Foundations Network Topical Call: Engaging Next Gen: Implementation, Impact, and Next Iterations

Posted on June 23, 2022 by Annie Hurwitz, Jennifer Touchet

Following over ten years of success in supporting families, Greater Houston Community Foundation is working to improve their Center for Family Philanthropy from outcomes analysis, a field scan, and a research study. Join Jennifer Touchet and Annie Hurwitz to learn about how better understanding of the impact of supporting families is adjusting their program model, and day-to-day support. This session… Read More

2022 Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network Workshop

Posted on April 5, 2022 by John Oddy, Hali Lee, Nicole Kyauk, J.M. Johnson, Ali Sirkus Brody, Jennifer Touchet, Jennifer Olson Curry, Joanne Cohen, Michael Moody, Robyn Schein

This workshop, exclusively available for members of NCFP’s Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network, is an excellent opportunity to learn from your peers and build professional skills! Network members may register up to five staff member attendees at no cost. Please note: This is a standalone workshop, not connected with any other NCFP events. View the agenda… Read More

Community Foundation Spark Session: Community Foundations in the Evolving Landscape of Family Philanthropy Services

Posted on February 18, 2020 by Nicholas A. Tedesco, Jennifer Touchet, Tony Macklin

The demand for philanthropic advice is increasing, spurred in part by historic wealth creation, intergenerational transfer of wealth and aspirations for purpose-driven lives and businesses. Moreover, we are witnessing a rising numbers of donors and their families leveraging diverse philanthropic vehicles and tools. Community foundations are well-positioned to provide best in class advice and accordingly, are eager to explore how… Read More

Community Foundation Spark Session: Staffing Your Family Engagement Program – Considerations for Community Foundations

Posted on May 19, 2016 by Anita Wesley, Jennifer Touchet, Elizabeth Sullivan, Tony Macklin

Experience from community foundations that closely advise multigenerational family philanthropists tell us that this work is more an art than science. As community foundations become more donor- and community-driven, it necessitates different skills and abilities of its donor services teams and leaders. On this Spark Session, hear from your community foundation peers about different staffing structures, training, and individual characteristics… Read More

NCFP at the 2016 Advancement Network conference in New Orleans

Posted on April 4, 2016 by Jennifer Touchet, Robyn Schein, Tony Macklin

NCFP and its Community Foundations Family Philanthropy Network are hosting four sessions at the 2016 conference of the Advancement Network in New Orleans. Navigating Family Philanthropy Trends Monday 3:00-4:15 CDT Breakout Session You’ve developed a portfolio of donor-advised funds that will engage families in the future. But will those families’ expectations and goals be the same in 10 or 20… Read More

Community Foundation Spark Session: Models of Community Foundation Programs for Engaging Next Gen Donors

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Alyssa Hawkins, Jennifer Touchet, Elizabeth Sullivan

Among the emerging requests of community foundations is how to help their philanthropic families engage the next generation of donors. As such, community foundations have a unique opportunity to shape how philanthropy is practiced in their communities. This webinar will explore ways a community foundation leverages its own knowledge on effective giving and local issues to educate future philanthropists to… Read More