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NCFP’s Strategic Lifespan Peer Network Series

October 18, 2018 | Lois Mitchell
NCFP’s benchmark Trends in Family Philanthropy study found that 20% of the youngest family foundations have decided to operate with a limited lifespan, and more than 60% of all foundations are considering or have decided upon this option. Have you made this decision? Are you thinking about the implications and strategies for limiting the lifespan of your foundation?  Join this Read More
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Looking Ahead: Featuring NCFP Peer Network Co-chairs

July 22, 2021 | Katie Scott
Courtesy of Jopwell from Pexels The National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) activates and connects a diverse and engaged community of philanthropic families and partners and seeks to foster unique opportunities for learning and inspiration. A hallmark of our work and area for growth in our future is our Peer Networks. Peer Networks are peer-led groups for a specific role Read More
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Is Spending Down Right for Your Philanthropy? How to Make the Decision and What to Consider in the Process

Interested in learning more about spending down? Join our Strategic Lifespan Peer Network. Many in this group have decided to operate with a limited lifespan. Others are thinking about the decision to spend down. Key Moments from the Webinar 00:00 Introduction 06:15 Introduction to the McClatchy Foundation 08:18 Introduction to the Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh 09:32 Introduction to the Stupski Read More
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Embracing the Power: Perpetuity or Immediacy

October 15, 2013 | Virginia M. Esposito
“Although there is some debate in philanthropy about the question of perpetuity, in the end no single correct approach is right for all donors.  The decision to create a foundation for the ages or for the moment is a highly individual choice.  It should be guided by the philanthropic goals laid out by donors and their families.  The bottom line Read More