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Emerging Family Leaders in Philanthropy

Join Megha Desai, President of the Desai Foundation, in conversation with Katherine Lorenz, Senior Advisor at NCFP and Board Chair of The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation. This discussion will provide an opportunity for current and emerging family leaders between the ages of 21-45 to hear from our speakers and to exchange ideas, experiences, and challenges with peers. In addition to Read More
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Are Foundation Trustees Perpetuating Climate Injustice? Here’s How We Can Change That.

August 24, 2021 | Kelly D. Nowlin, Ernest Tollerson
This article was originally published by Inside Philanthropy and is re-posted here with permission. The recent IPCC report couldn’t be clearer: The world needs wide-scale, transformative action, swift action, to ensure we don’t blow past the critical 1.5 degrees Celsius rise in average global temperatures. Mobilizing nations and market forces to achieve this goal, however, should not blot out America’s real-time responsibility to Read More
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Using Shared Language to Move Past Fear

May 6, 2021 | Lisa Graustein
As the field of philanthropy moves to have deeper conversations about race, it’s very important that we establish shared language and define fundamental terminology. Many critical conversations are stifled because people fear saying the wrong thing, not saying enough, or being misunderstood. By building a shared language we can begin to push through those fears and have more open conversations. Read More
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Consensus and Complexity: A Retreat for New Family Foundation CEOs

SOLD OUT! Contact NCFP at (202) 293-3424 to add your name to the wait list. Serving in the leadership staffing role for a family foundation can be one of the best jobs you’ll ever have, but it is not without challenges and complications. This first-of-its-kind NCFP peer retreat provides a unique opportunity for new family foundation CEOs to reflect on Read More

Christine Koehn

February 15, 2019
Dr. Christine Koehn has more than 25 years of experience working with private foundations, public charities, governmental agencies, and nonprofits committed to leveraging their resources to address social disparities in their communities. For nearly half that time, she has served in executive roles. Currently, Christine works as a consultant with Greenway Strategy Group, capitalizing on her skills and experiences to Read More
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Lessons from Family Philanthropy: Rockefeller Brothers Fund at 75

Launching family foundations is often the expression of donors’ desires to establish a lasting legacy and to instill in future generations the importance of giving. But family foundations face certain common pitfalls as well. The RBF is often held up as an example of a family foundation that has weathered these storms successfully. How might the ingredients of its success be described? What lessons can it offer? Read More
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2016 NCFP CEO Retreat: a Joint Retreat for Family and Non-Family CEOs

The role of a family foundation CEO is unique, often bridging generations of family members, community leaders, staff, advisors, and partners. Expectations can be challenging to meet and boundaries are sometimes vague and ever-changing. Success in this role requires a cadre of specialized leadership skills. This 3-day retreat, to be held at the family home of David and Lucile Packard, Read More
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Breaking Up and Moving On: a Staff Member’s Perspective on the Dissolution of a Family Foundation

February 25, 2014 | Joel Luedtke
We knew the outcome before the votes were cast. The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation – the proud embodiment of a fortunate family’s abiding compassion – would be split apart. It was October 2010. As a relatively new staff member of the foundation, it was hard for me at that time to see much good coming of this decision. Read More