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Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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What do you do at NCFP?

A variety of things: most importantly, I have the pleasure of talking frequently with some of our Leadership Circle members and Friends, learning about the issues and challenges they face, and taking that information back to our program team.

What are your favorites?

Italy off season
Family Tradition
Family Tradition:
A summer beach week in North Carolina
Highlighting women artists
Anything classical, the Saturday opera broadcast from the MET, and jazz
Piano, hiking
'A Museum of Their Own: National Museum of Women in the Arts' by Wilhelmina Cole Holladay

What is the biggest trend in the field of family philanthropy?

More and more family foundations are taking a close look at increasing transparency in their grantmaking and operations, and finding new ways to interact with their communities and grantees. This is an important trend, and one that we expect to continue given the real commitment that families have for this work.

What did you do before NCFP?

Worked in a family business, served on lots of boards, lived in Rome and Istanbul with my husband Chris who was posted to both by the Dept. of State. I also worked as business manager for two nonprofits, Witness for Peace and Tudor Place Foundation. I am a member of the Junior League of Washington, and serve on the board of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. I received my bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Indiana University.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the conversations with trustees and staff of the family foundations we work with. I always learn something, and am constantly reminded that while each situation is unique, they are really a lot alike. And then it is fun to make the connection between someone with an issue and someone with a possible solution.