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Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker

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President/ Executive Director, Lawrence Welk Family Foundation

Lisa Parker brings 30 years of experience in philanthropy and nonprofit management to her work with philanthropic families. Since 1997 Lisa has been President and Executive Director of the Lawrence Welk Family Foundation, leading the Foundation’s initiatives to address poverty and seed the youth giving movement and creating youth philanthropy programs for the family’s 4th generation.

In 2009 Lisa founded Family Circle Advisors where she and her team help families increase the impact of their giving and navigate the complex family relationships critical to the success of a family foundation or enterprise. Family Circle Advisors also facilitates family retreats and is a leader in providing experiential team building events for family foundations and family businesses.

Lisa is certified by 21/64 (a division of The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies) as a multi - generational advisor to families.  In addition, Lisa serves as an advisor and board member to numerous organizations working to build and expand the philanthropic sector, including the USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy and the National Center for Family Philanthropy. Lisa speaks nationally on raising charitable children, youth philanthropy, new models of giving and the evolution of family philanthropy “From Lawrence Welk to Lady Gaga.”