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Michael Goodman

Michael Goodman

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What do you do at NCFP?

As Office Administrator, I seem to have my toes in everyone's business! My roles include: database administrator; office supplies, equipment, and technology maintenance; NCFP publications manager; accounting functions, Family Philanthropy Online, and development support.

What are your favorites?

Someplace warm, horticultural pleasing, with some historical significance.
Family Tradition
Family Tradition:
Love of the New Jersey shore
Organizations that have the security and well-being of children as their purpose
Light rock; is it the 70’s again?
Meet me on the bicycle trails or in the garden
Biographies are my favorite books.

What is the biggest trend in the field of family philanthropy?

I am enjoying the growing trend of social media to more broadly share and demonstrate the incredible impact and benefits to society of Foundations and their giving.

What did you do before NCFP?

Before philanthropy found me, I spent my time in the Horticulture industry. Then, the Council on Foundations brought philanthropy to life while I was a member of the meeting planning team. How fortunate, to follow that up with a focus on family philanthropy!

First Career: Horticulturalist

What do you like most about your job?

Every day my belief that human beings are inherently good is reinforced. I learn about the powerful effects of philanthropy, and the passion and incredibly hard work spent to find the best ways to use their resources to help others.